Digital Transformation of Hospitals

A better healthcare experience

We lead the smart transformation of hospitals by providing patients with innovative healthcare experiences and providing medical staff with a productivity- and safety-enhancing work environment.

Why are hospital services so complicated and challenging?

Digital solutions can help solve the various challenges faced in medical situations, making it easier to manage the cumbersome and complex administrative tasks and services associated with hospitals.

Digital Front Door

We connect medical staff and patients at every stage of the patient’s journey and make the medical environment more convenient.

Use complex hospital services more easily

Our services make it easy to schedule and confirm medical appointments, fill out preliminary health questionnaires, wait for medical treatment, and pay for medical bills.

You can easily book, confirm, and change appointments at multiple hospitals using KakaoTalk.

From the one-way communication, we support two-way communication based on chatbots.

Access various hospital administrative tasks and convenience services from your mobile device.

Virtual Hospital

We provide a standard platform for data utilization and information transfer to facilitate communications between medical staff and interconnect vast amounts of data from medical and public institutions.

Enjoy your healthcare process in a smarter way

We offer a range of solutions for medical staff to make patient care and medical practices safe and accurate.

Our service interconnects hospital systems to ease healthcare disparities and facilitate rapid communication.

We make it easy for staffs to check patients’ medical records, test results, and conditions on mobile devices.

We help medical staff make more accurate and prompt decisions with real-time medical data and AI solutions.