Hyper-Personalized Care

We believe in the power of data for a healthy future.

Day-to-day routines can be considered insignificant. However, these routines add up to my current state of health.

Routine is itself a habit and repetition. But can you discover habits you don’t even realize you have and change them to live a healthier life?

We already have a lot of information around us, but a list of fragmented information is not empowering. We need hyper-personalized data and a data-based life recipe that leads us to change.

Kakao Healthcare aims to change lives healthfully by making it easier to record your lifestyle and discover lifestyle patterns you didn’t even recognize.

We assist individuals to accumulate essential life data easily by recording health information in the simplest way possible.

With this data, you can discover yourself and make changes to become a healthier you.

Kakao Healthcare will smartly help you become an active participant in managing your healthcare through a mobile-based hyper-personalized healthcare (Virtual Care) platform.

We aim to provide lifecycle-based healthcare as well as solving everyday health issues.

We continually build your data to provide you with hyper-personalized solutions by delivering the care you need throughout your lifespan.

Kakao Healthcare is here to help everyone take care of their own health.

Digital healthcare technology and services enable many people who are in medical blind spots due to their income, education, and country of origin to prevent and manage their own diseases.